About the Dogs

The Duke Street Dogs are an acoustic quartet from Durham that features upright bass, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin, mandola and harmonica (not at the same time!) and four-part vocals.

 keith guile, guitar, resophonic guitar, mandolin, vocal Keith Guile, guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin, vocals
Keith was raised on New York’s Long Island, and became passionate about country and bluegrass music upon hearing a Doc and Merle Watson record. This led to college in the south where he sought out all the best musicians of these genres. Eventually hooking up with an old time band (He swears that he’s the ONLY guitar player in the world that prefers this over all else), he was extremely fortunate while in school to meet and jam with the likes of Martin, Bogan, and the Armstrongs; Tom Rush, David Bromberg, Steve Stills, and even open up for Doc Watson himself on more than one occasion. Keith is a founding member of Rebecca and the Hi-Tones and continues to pursue diverse styles and incorporate all into his playing. He says the Duke Street Dogs provides an avenue to experiment and further his eclectic musical journey and having “more fun than a man can stand.”
 Bill Newton, harmonicas, sax, whistle Bill Newton, harmonica, vocals
Bill has done his bio, but we haven’t posted it yet …
 Robert Truesdale, bass, vocals Robert Truesdale, bass, ukelele, vocals.
Robert was born and raised in Durham where he attended Hillside High School with Bill and Rebecca Newton and his lovely wife Marcia. His earliest musical memories include swing music played by his Dad on ukulele which later expanded to powerful violin/ukulele swing concerts by the Truesdale brothers (his Dad and Uncle Tom) during annual visits to Florida. His love for the bass goes back to many nights of listening to top-40 hits on the car radio (with the bass cranked up) with his best friend in junior high, leading to diverse musical influences including James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, Bootsy Collins, Nokie Edwards, and Paul McCartney.  In 1975 he purchased his first bass (a Fender Jazz) and played with a local funk/fusion band. He picked up a string bass while in graduate school at the University of Maine in Orono, where he played contra dance music with the Stairwell String Band and acoustic blues and folk with Flo Wilder. On his return to Durham in 1977 he ran into Bill Newton at the local ABC store (now the Chameleon) and started playing with Bill and Rebecca in Mother Country, along with a variety of old-time string bands. In the 1980s he was a founding member of Rebecca and the HiTones, Pat O’Connell’s The Flying Pigs, the original Pratie Heads, and Bill Newton’s Big Blues Quartet (BBQ). He has played with the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, and local greats including Alice Gerrard, Tommy Goldsmith, the Shady Grove Band, John Worthington, LaNell Davis, Clay Buckner, Chris Frank, Lindsay Rosebrock, Scott Sawyer, Glenn Ingram, George Hindenach, and Scott Adair.
 Michael Borstelman, mandos, guitar, vocals Michael Borstelman, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Michael has not done his bio but he’s a really great guy! …